How do I participate in #elemchat?

  1. Create a Twitter account and practice using it.
  2. Use TweetGrid (pre-setup here or on original website), or Tweetdeck (download & install) to set up 2 or 3 coloumns: a search for #elemchat, a search for @yourname (for direct mentions to you) and a third to keep following your friends.
  3. Rendez-vous at the given time, keep an eye on the #elemchat search column. Interact by including the hashtag #elemchat in your tweets.

In order to participate, you must first have a Twitter account. To follow a discussion hashtag like #elemchat it is highly recommended that you use Tweetdeck or Tweetgrid, both of which allow you to filter your Twitter stream into columns, one for each hashtag.

If you choose Tweetgrid, you can go to TweetGrid directly (recommended), or use the embedded version below. Remember to type in your Twitter account with the @ in the right hand column to see messages addressed directly to you.